My first interaction with programming was at age 12 when I was in year 5 because I wanted to play online flash games at school and needed a way to get around the school's content filter.

I found that websites that had certain header tags were allowed through the filter so I made a site on some free blog platform and uploaded flash games that I had ripped off of Miniclip.

I now study at NYU majoring in Computer Science and double minoring in Economics and Mathematics.




During middle school I helped a few family friend's businesses out with their company websites but didn't get back into proper coding until starting a degree in Computer Science, Economics, and Mathematics at NYU in 2016.


At the start of 2017 I cofounded Source which originally was a blockchain solution for open source development but then transistioned to a SAAS for outsourcing development.

In 2018 we successfully built a prototype and fundraised a seed round. More info...


During the prototype development of Source, the same team built Catnip, a blockchain based Cryptokitty Tinder, which won the 2018 Consensus hackathon. More info...